Arcade Fire is a band that has managed to preserve the concept of “indie rock,” even while they are playing massive arenas like the Barclays Center, as they are tonight. This carefully-constructed image and ethos is reliant on their ever-evolving style and peculiar band dynamics. They’ve never given in to the draw of radio-ready beats or riffs, instead moving further away from accessibility, even as their fame grows. Last year’s Reflektor was perhaps their weirdest and most critically acclaimed album yet. Another marker of their eccentricity is the opening act of their show—the iconic New York band Television. In a rockist’s world, Television opening for Arcade Fire is a marvelous mishap that is almost an affront to Television’s legacy. But then again, it’s also an indication that Arcade Fire is mindful of the past and producing music that’s valid enough to warrant pairings like this. The Unicorns are also on the bill, so all bets are completely off.

Sun., Aug. 24, 7:30 p.m., 2014