Have a Taste of Zachary Feldman’s Review of Root & Bone


Zachary Feldman talks southern cuisine in this week’s review of Root & Bone (200 East 3rd Street), the East Village restaurant from Top Chef paramours Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth.

“They packed their knives for New York a year ago after McInnis split from 50 Eggs Inc., the parent company of Yardbird restaurant, where he’d garnered acclaim for his refined, rural cuisine as executive chef and partner since 2011,” writes Feldman. “But in a move fit for reality TV, the chef’s ex-wife publicly besmirched the pair for eloping to start a new life together up North, although the exodus was prompted by a noncompete clause preventing Mr. McInnis from replicating any 50 Eggs concepts in Miami.”

Here in New York, the couple has been busy installing a menu of dishes McInnis loved during his Floridian upbringing. So how’s the food? Head on over to Feldman’s full review to find out.