H. Jon Benjamin’s Absurd Kickstarter Illustrates the Absurdity of Most Kickstarters


Two weeks ago we brought you the story of Erick Sanchez, who started a Kickstarter to fulfill every red-blooded American’s dream of getting Kenny Loggins to perform in his living room. While he achieved that goal last week, voiceover superstar and all around comedy titan H. Jon Benjamin, whose famed “Archer” character shares Sanchez’s zeal for Loggins, decided to get in on the action and started his own Kickstarter, looking to introduce Loggins in Sanchez’s living room. Along with being probably the (intentionally) funniest crowd-funding page we’ve ever seen (Under “Risks and Challenges” he wrote “Yes and Yes”), we spoke to Benjamin about his goals for the cause and what Kenny Loggins means to him.

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Do you recall your first time ever hearing Kenny Loggins?
Yes, I believe it was probably in my home as a child in Worcester, Massachusetts. I would suspect Messina was involved, this was pre-solo Kenny Loggins. So, I go deep, way back. I think my sister would play Loggins and Messina quite frequently in her bedroom, so that was the first time I heard his voice. It spoke right through me. That was the beginning and probably the end until Top Gun.

Do you recall how “Danger Zone” became a running joke on Archer?
I think that was all Adam Reed, the writer and creator of Archer who initiated that joke early on and kept dipping into the Danger Zone Well again and again. There’s a ton of running jokes on Archer and that was one of the first in the first season.

Where were you when you first heard about the Kenny Loggins living room Kickstarter?
I think I read about it online, so, I just saw it and then I immediately reacted.

Have you done much with Kickstarter before?
No, not at all. This is my first foray into it. I hate these inane Kickstarters hosted by privileged assholes asking for other people’s money and the service of ironic projects that add nothing to the cultural conversation, so I started one.

Have you done many introductions for other artists?
I don’t make a habit of it. I’m not like the guy who yells “Let’s get ready to rumble.” I don’t do it professionally and I don’t own a tuxedo, but I’m probably capable. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I do know part of the money we take would go to going to DC by helicopter. I really want to arrive by helicopter at the guy’s condo if that’s technically possible. Otherwise, I will videotape me landing when the helicopter lands and show it to everybody. I’ve never taken a helicopter before, so I really think this is a good opportunity.

It’s either here or at the Gathering of the Juggalos.
Do they arrive by helicopter?

They offer it at the Gathering.
I’ve only seen a few people arrive by helicopter. I think Dane Cook arrived by helicopter on his show. [President] Reagan too, I’ve seen Reagan land by helicopter. So Reagan, Dane Cook, and the Insane Clown Posse. So, I’m in good company.

The Rewards on your Kickstarter are pretty great. One you have up is, for $50 you’ll send a signed image or postcard of something from Washington DC. Do you have a favorite location or monument in DC?
I’ve only been there a few times. There’s a really good Chipotle there.

And, for $1,000 there’s drinks with you before the show.
Yes, either in my hotel room or in a controlled space where I can bartend for an hour.

What are having drinks with you like?
Well, I like beer and wine and bourbon. I’m not a big cocktail guy. I used to work in a bar a long time ago, so I think I can make a couple of mixed drinks. A fuzzy naval, a witch’s tit, maybe I’ll make a drink or something.

Is any of the money from the Kickstarter going to a particular cause other than the helicopter?
After we clear the cost of all the gifts and the travel expenses, all of the money will go to Kenny Loggins.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about your Kickstarter.
I hope it makes it. Maybe this will get some people to donate to a really shitty cause. It’s for the time capsule for when the aliens take over.

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