NYPD Cracked Down on Cyclists, Will Cops In the Bike Lane Be Next?


Tuesday marks the last day of the NYPD’s two-week long crackdown on cyclists, “Operation Safe Cycle.” When it announced Operation Safe Cycle fourteen days ago, the police department said the sting would target “hazardous violations that create a danger for pedestrians and bicyclists: failure to stop at a red light, disobey a traffic signal or sign, riding the wrong direction against traffic, riding on the sidewalk, and failure to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.”

(Several of these were demonstrated in an awkward and amusing informational video the NYPD released the same day.)

Throwing a bone to the all-powerful bike lobby, the department added, “An additional focus will be given to motorists who obstruct bicycle lanes, which creates a hazardous condition for bicyclists.”

On Tuesday morning, the NYPD declined to offer any information about the success (or failure) of the operation, including metrics like the number of tickets issued or arrests made. Luckily though, New York’s bicyclists have kept a running tally of their own, dutifully documenting the number of NYPD vehicles, equipment and personnel they have seen obstructing the bike lane over the course of the last two weeks.