Bed-Stuy gem Do or Dine boasts a menu with items like “Miso-Corny” and “Pho’rk Chop.” Flavors are played with as much as words: expreso aioli, Dr. Pepper–glazed frog legs, foie gras in a doughnut (“a Dough or Dine collaboration”). It is in this same spirit of fun that Do or Dine joins Sound Liberation Front in presenting Rub-a-Grub Brooklyn, a bash that opens with DJs Linh and Lil Tiger, and headlines with poet-DJ Rich Medina, credited with popularizing funk and afrobeat in clubs around the world, and Queen Majesty, with her salvaged reggae 45s in tow. House chef Justin Warner, winner of Food Network Star, hosts — a prelude of sorts to his show Rebel With a Culinary Cause, premiering this fall. All this, plus the evening’s special menu, penned by Warner and fellow chef George McNeese? Stuy a while, won’t you?

Sun., Aug. 31, 5 p.m., 2014