In recent years, two things have basically been wrong with the Yankees–Red Sox rivalry, which has thrived on mutual hate since Boston sold Babe Ruth to New York, in 1919. First, Boston wins too much. Second, it’s really hard to hate the Red Sox and their fans when they do things like give Mariano Rivera a terrific farewell, including a seat from the original Fenway, bearing the number 42, and honor Derek Jeter with a standing ovation when he hits a home run, as they did at Fenway on Aug. 1. Even the Boston Globe has jumped in on the lovefest, with veteran sports guy Bob Ryan proclaiming, “If I had the choice of one major league baseball player who has put on a uniform during the past 30 years, my choice would be Derek Jeter.” Speaking of the Captain, if you haven’t seen him on his farewell tour, you’d better hurry. Ticket prices are skyrocketing as his last game — Sunday, Sept 28 at, appropriately, Fenway Park — draws near. Bonus for Yankee fans: Hiroki Kuroda, the only starter to make it the entire season, pitches. Kuroda has had a tough year, without much support from the lineup and deserves better than the 8-8 record he holds as we go to press.

Wed., Sept. 3, 7 p.m., 2014