Help a Local Sound Engineer Fund Her Dream


Dana Wachs is a longtime Brooklyn-based audio engineer who has most likely run the sound for a few concerts you’ve been to around town. She’s also traveled the world running sound for acts like M.I.A., St. Vincent, Cat Power, MGMT, and Lykki Ly. She’s good at her job, and also happens to have a band, the beautifully atmospheric Vorhees, her one-woman show. The music she creates as Vorhees is hard to describe, but her soundcloud page gives it an admirable effort:

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Vorhees is a one woman show. Live, guitar tones are processed and extracted through a haze of vintage analogue gear resulting in dulcet ringing to aggressive, sneering fuzz over muted electronic beats. Floating on top drenched in peculiar reverbs, her vocals exist in an ethereal climate, lyrically exploring intimate observations around her.

Wachs and Vorhees were invited to Iceland to play that country’s famed Iceland Airwaves festival. Vorhees, being relatively new, didn’t have the money it would take to travel and transport her gear, so she started a gofundme account with the hope of raising $1,000, the cost of the trip, encouraging donors to give “a $5 Fugazi style donation or more.” She raised the money in a day (and, funnily enough, Brendan Canty of Fugazi donated $20), but she could still use any little bit of help she can get. Considering she’s most probably made some of your favorite acts sound great live (and that gofundme takes 3% off the top), we think plopping down $5 or $10 for her trip is a great idea. The campaign is nearly over. So go fund Dana Wachs and Vorhees, and say hello to her next time you see her behind the soundboard.

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