The G Train Is Back, So We Can All Resume Complaining About It


After five weeks of beauty sleep and Sandy repairs, the G train is back in service between Nassau Avenue in Brooklyn and Court Square in Queens. Time to resume your awkward jogs to the middle of the platform, as well as your ceaseless complaints about the train’s unpredictable schedule, long wait times, and overall suck.

The G was out between Brooklyn and Queens for a good chunk of the summer as part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s post-Sandy Fix and Fortify program. The MTA announced its return with a jubilant tweet at the crack of dawn this morning:

For a time, especially very early in the day, everything was beautiful and perfect and nothing hurt in G commuter-land:

One gentleman even composed an exuberant one-act play about the G’s safe return, which we’ll just leave here:

But soon enough, the complaints resumed.

A common refrain over the past five weeks has been that the shuttle buses that took the G’s place for the hiatus were better than the actual trains, as in faster, more frequent, and just all-around less irritating:

But MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg says regular shuttle buses aren’t an option.

“Shuttle buses are far more expensive to operate than subway trains,” he explains. “They get stuck in traffic, they clog the streets near subway stations and they force customers to transfer. But if you like shuttle buses, download our ‘Weekender’ app so you can find out whether any shuttles are running because of weekend construction work.”

With that in mind, we’ll note that the G is out between Bedford-Nostrand and Church all week long between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for more repairs.