Fucked Up+Speedy Ortiz


About as audacious as their name, Fucked Up maintain media appearances with the occasional outspoken fit when they’re not busy creating lyrically dense songs propelled by lead singer Damian Abraham’s throaty scream and metronomic but metallic guitar chugs. While some “experimental” gimmicks remain on their newest album, they’ve conceded their days of five-minute bouts of whistling to streamlined hardcore-inspired rock. Speedy Ortiz joins them onstage with sludgy, semi-confessional songs carried by Sadie Dupuis’s knife-sharp voice. Honest and raw, Ortiz is a throwback to what the alt kids listened to in the 90s in lieu of the polished pop rock sounds of college radio.

Sat., Sept. 6, 8 p.m., 2014