As autumn approaches, visitors of Governors Island edge away from the sufficiently partied-on lawns and gather inside its abandoned military barracks; on September weekends, at least. Artist-run nonprofit 4heads presents the
7th Annual Governors Island Art Fair, which opens today and features 100 different rooms of painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and sound art, chosen from a multitude of proposals received from artists around the globe. Last year, an exhibit titled “Jeff Koons Must Die” featured a 25-cent video game in which the player had to shoot down various artworks while being chased by museum
security. So: Expect the subversive. The lawns are hardly deserted — live music, large-scale sculptures, and food and drinks are ripe for the relishing, as are views of downtown Manhattan and Liberty Island that never, ever get boring. Don’t let summer’s end stop you from spending $2 on the city’s best commute.

Saturdays, Sundays, 11 a.m. Starts: Sept. 6. Continues through Sept. 28, 2014