Here’s Why You Should Add a Little Fizz to Your Negroni, Says Raines Law Room’s Meaghan Dorman


Sick of your usual call drink? Try something new. In this series, we’re asking the city’s bartenders to name their current drinks of choice. Check out our Good Call archives for another round.

Today’s call comes by way of Meaghan Dorman, head bartender at Raines Law Room (48 West 17th Street; 212-242-0600) and Dear Irving (55 Irving Place; no phone).

What’s your call drink?

Negroni sbagliato.

What is it about this drink that you like so much?

It combines my two favorite things to drink, negronis and champagne. I love that it’s bubbly and crisp but also has layers of flavor from the campari and vermouth.

Has it always been your favorite? How long did it take you to find it? What was that process like?

I rediscovered it probably two years ago at The Daily; it was on one of the rotating menus and I remembered what a delight it is.

Could you name a few places around town that make your favorite drink?

Lantern’s Keep makes a great version, in a wineglass just like I like! Also I’ve had many a negroni sbagliato at The Nomad.

What’s the recipe for those that want to make it at home?

I make my negroni sbagliato using:

1.5 ounces of campari, 1 ounce of Cocchi Torino, and a healthy splash (approximately 2 ounces) of dry champagne (or other bubbly). I add a grapefruit and orange slice and serve it over ice in a wine glass.

What’s your second favorite drink? Recipe?

Well, I vote for a negroni always but since I already addressed that, my other favorite drink is half aged rum, half bourbon old-fashioned. It’s a nice sipping drink that is a little more round and rich than a standard whiskey base.