Kid ‘n’ Play


The halcyon pop-rap of Kid ‘n’ Play — that’s Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin to their mothers, and maybe yours, too — hearkens back to a gentler, more innocent period in hip-hop history, when balling meant macking on girls, getting fly, or one-upping your homies with boasts the whole crew knew were bullshit but laughed good-naturedly at anyway. Like much of that era, Kid ‘n’ Play were accessible, clean, corny, and laced with irresistible funk/jazz beats. This dynamic duo had the urban middle-class eating out of its hand during the Bush I era, parlaying this exposure into feature films (some featuring compatriots Full Force, who also perform tonight) most will more remember more immediately than its actual music. Now they’re back, in this era to make nostalgia waves and some bank. Get your tickets quick, as this will probably sell out in a heartbeat.

Sat., Sept. 6, 7:30 p.m., 2014