Cheap Laughs: The Best Indie Comedy This Week, 9/10 – 9/16/2014


This week in Cheap Laughs, we have Wu-tang fans, office also-rans, sexy stories, performance art glories, ex-cops, creepy chops, and a remarkable man called Brief Sweat. Let’s get into it. Here’s our rundown of the best in independently produced New York comedy this week.

Wednesday, September 10th

Jordan Klepper: Mostly Words
UCB Chelsea, 8 p.m. $5.

New Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper has an enviable reputation, not just as one of the quickest, crushing-est comic improvisers around, but also as possibly the nicest guy in town. A longtime member of the UCB’s premiere weekend improv team The Stepfathers, Klepper is doing a long stand-up set tonight. Expect ruminations on his passion for the Wu-Tang Clan (whom he recently rapped in front of, in studio), and his commitment to Luddite behavior.

Train Wreck
Producers Club, 8 p.m. Free.

Working late-ish in Midtown, and don’t feel like getting on a train just yet? This is the ideal weekly show for you and those few co-workers who are actually cool. The producers book it consistently well and charge an irresistible cover: zero. This week there’s Last Comic Standing‘s Monroe Martin, your new favorite mom Kate Wolff, and a whole host of others.

Friday, September 12th

‘And I Am Not Lying’ Teaser Trailer from And I Am Not Lying on Vimeo.

And I Am Not Lying
UCBeast, 11.59 p.m. $5.

The variety show that promises to “cock-rock the NPR crowd” is back, featuring burlesque from the utterly remarkable Brief Sweat and Legs Malone, stand-up from the black Daria herself Phoebe Robinson and stories from host and Virginia punk rock giant (seriously, he’s like nine feet tall) Jeff Simmermon. Last time we attended, we witnessed a nearly naked woman simulate sex with a chocolate cake. So you know it’s a good time.

New York Sex Stories
The Creek and the Cave, 10 p.m. Free.

We all have them. The embarrassing ones, the dirty ones, the hot ones and the just plain god awful ones. But no matter the details, we think every New York Sex Story is precious and deserves to live, onstage, before an audience of strangers. Everyone should be pro-life about a sex story. Some of the city’s filthiest and funniest people will regale you with their best this evening. Will Mark Normand talk about that time with the woman from the homeless shelter? Will Casey James Salengo discuss the incident with the BJ and the bulldog? You have to attend, and find out for yourself.

Saturday, September 13th

Comedy Dreamz
The Silent Barn, Doors 8 p.m. / Show 8.30 p.m. $7.

This warped vaudeville show is the brainchild of Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright, is an extremely alternative, out-there experience. Naturally it’s hosted at collectively directed art-space The Silent Barn in Bushwick. This is comedy that verges onto the territory of performance art, so expect a spirited dance piece by the Body Dreamz ensemble, experimental stand-up, micro-plays, videos, and all kinds of WTF-fodder. And it wouldn’t be Bushwick without a post-show dance party, to which the audience is warmly invited. You should attend. Bring both all the ironic distance AND all the underlying sincerity you own.

Sunday, September 14th

If You Build It: 3 Year Anniversary
UCBeast, 8 p.m. $5.

UCBeast’s stalwart Sunday night showcase has been purring along for three years. It seems longer somehow, like they’ve always been around. That’s the best compliment you can pay a show. Tonight features a murderer’s row of stand-up talent. Self-confessed creepy face owner Ryan Hamilton joins John Roy, Chicago’s flynest Clark Jones, and a host of other funny mean and women.

Monday, September 15th

The Stand, 10 p.m. Free.

Michael Kosta has decamped to Los Angeles, so hosting duties for The Stand’s late-night Monday goof-around passes to the tough-looking sweetie pie Aaron Berg. Meet the new boss: same as the old boss. He’ll still host a delightful show. Joining him tonight are LA’s Nick Youssef, and ex-NYPD detective turned professional comic Mark DeMayo. Trust us: THOSE are stories worth hearing.

Tuesday, September16th

UCBeast, 11 p.m. Free.

UCBeast is getting it’s own midweek free stand-up showcase. Can it compete with Whiplash, its older sibling over in Chelsea on Mondays? Well, comedy isn’t a competition, and they are on different nights. But sure: let’s call it a bitter internecine feud. It puts asses in seats. Except the tickets are free. This is the debut show for Chemistry, hosted by the wonderful Phil Hanley. Guests will include the redoubtable Michael Che (SNL, Daily Show), (Comedy Central), and Mr. Mike Vecchione (Last Comic Standing). A perfect way to round out a tipsy Tuesday night in the East Village.

Tom Cowell is a comedian.