Mr. Brainwash Hopes His Massive 9/11 Mural Causes a ‘Festival of 9/11’


“I hope next year there will be [art] everywhere, [and on] every corner, some people doing something. It becomes very … it becomes like a festival … like a festival of 9/11.”

Those were the words of “street artist” Mr. Brainwash, who hit his peak in the culture about the same time as Sparks, and whose persona miiiiight be in part, at least, the creation of Banksy and/or Shepard Fairey, but who definitely says he is responsible for the massive, very earnest mural on the wall of Century 21 department store, located on Church between Dey Street and Cortlandt Street in Lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center site.

“I wanted to get as close as I could to the site,” Brainwash told us today on the sidewalk in front of the mural, adding that he hopes his mural inspires other artists.

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