Lee Ranaldo & the Dust


There are many sides to former Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo: noise harrier Lee, alt-rock balladeer Lee, experimental sound-sculptor Lee, notepad-burnishing poet Lee. On his two recent LPs for Matador – the first solo, the second billed alongside backing band The Dust – we’ve borne witness to classic-rockin’ Lee, an untucked purveyor of casual axe wizardry who doesn’t shy away from sparkling feedback but isn’t necessarily interested in upending the rock’n’roll paradigm. Hardcore SY traditionalists have been vocal in their disappointment, but to these ears, the end of the Yooth find Ranaldo more intrinsically himself – in an unabashedly Grateful Dead sense – than he’s ever sounded.

Sat., Sept. 27, 9 p.m., 2014