‘You Are a Bastard and You Know It’ and Other Chilling Quotes From This CIA Interrogation in ’80s New York


The CIA recently declassified a trove of records from its in-house journal, Studies in Intelligence. The collection has profiles of the spooks of yore, analysis of things like how the Iran-Contra story was originally leaked, and accounts of pivotal moments in the agency’s history.

Far from the stilted bureaucratic tone you might expect, some of the articles are written in a pretty engaging and even literary style, and make for good reading.

This is how the agency describes the records:

This collection of declassified articles includes studies on the leadership of the individual DCIs and other senior Agency officers; histories of CIA directorates and their activities; tutorials on improving intelligence tradecraft; ever-changing intelligence challenges and national security threats to the U.S.; and specific events in which intelligence played a role in informing policymakers or influencing outcomes.

The Village Voice has combed through a newly declassified archive from the CIA, and today we release a formerly top-secret transcript detailing the interrogation of a New York City-based operative in 1983. The interview, chilling in the almost robotic interplay between the two parties, was carried out by an agent of a still-unnamed foreign government, represented only by the moniker “A.I.”

The lesson here is that sometimes the CIA trolls its own employees. Read on to see the joke.

CIA Interrogation of NYC “Agent”