In the Oklahoma Beheader, Rightbloggers See U.S. Jihad, Counsel Pants-Wetting Fear


[Roy Edroso dissects the right-wing blogosphere in this weekly feature]

Last week, despite America’s long history of religious maniacs killing people in the name of the Lord, rightbloggers suddenly got worried about it because this time the alleged maniac in question, Alton Nolen a/k/a Jah’Keem Yisrael, is a Muslim.

This they took to mean that ISIS-style executions were swiftly becoming a fad stateside, and had to be strongly countered by increased fearfulness.

Alton Nolen got canned from his factory job in Moore, Oklahoma, and, as the old saying goes, went postal. But in a novel twist, he did not just stab some coworkers, he also beheaded one before his former boss Mark Vaughan shot him.

Later it turned out Nolen had tried to convert co-workers to Islam, had the words “Jesus Christ” and “As-salaamu Ataikum” tattooed on his body, and in his spare time enthused over Shariah law. (He’d also done time in prison for large-scale coke possession before converting, in case you thought Islam was his only pedigree.)

Rightbloggers who spent the weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting arguing that we shouldn’t get hysterical over the gun murder of 20 children suddenly became hysterical, because this was clearly not some nut who happened to be Muslim, but jihad in the heartland.

For example, eminent terrorism expert Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared on Fox News to associate Nolen with the worldwide Muslim conspiracy (“to them we’re the infidel, and ‘them’ includes now-radicalized Americans, arrested here as lone wolves”).

According to a account, Pirro proposed America “fight Islamic terrorism [by] closing the borders, stripping citizenship, implementing anti-terrorism technology,” etc., as well as “ending gun control so that Americans can defend themselves against violent terrorists in the same way Mark Vaughan stopped Alton Nolen’s attack with a firearm.”

(The gun angle was popular among the brethren. “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a Koran,” applauded Daniel Greenfield at FrontPageMan under the headline “Oklahoma Beheading Reminds Us ISIS Is Everywhere Muslims Are.”)

“Joe Scarborough doesn’t buy claim Oklahoma beheader not influenced by ISIS videos,” Twitchy informed us. Well, what more do you need? It would have been nice to hear from Glenn Beck, too, but he was apparently busy lecturing on Hitler and Alinsky at the Values Voters conference.

The folks at Nolen’s mosque thought he was a little weird (“The mosque’s leaders sermonized against beheadings carried out by Islamic State terrorists against foreign journalists,” reported the New York Post. “But the messages didn’t take with Nolen.”) But rightbloggers still considered his place of worship the cradle of his jihadism.

“OKLAHOMA BEHEADER LINKED TO AL QAEDA LEADER AWLAKI, BOSTON BOMBER’S MOSQUE,” headlined Jordan Schactel at Nolen, he reported, used to go to a mosque in Oklahoma City. The imam there is Dr. Imam Imad Enchassi — but it used to be Suhaib Webb, who had “ties” to the notorious al-Awlaki. See? It’s like those Catholics who attend church in the Dominican Republic parish formerly run by recently exposed pedophile Jozef Wesolowski — clearly all of them are child molesters as well.

When members of Nolen’s mosque protested that his mad rage had nothing to do with them, Thomas Lifson of American Thinker scoffed, “the real victims are Muslims, or so we are being asked to believe…It is amazing what is being peddled and believed by some,” under the headline “Muslim leaders play victim in Oklahoma beheading.”

At Power Line, Scott Johnson suggested that the media were covering up for Nolen — not his murder, but his Muslimness. Noticing the photo that accompanied the Breitbart story showed Nolen wearing a headdress and standing in front of his mosque, Johnson asked, “Why is Breitbart News the only media outlet I can find publishing the photo? (Compare, e.g., CBS News and CNN.)” Those outlets had Nolen looking like a regular American, which is clearly disinfo. “Is it because one might prematurely infer from the photo that, like Nidal Hasan, Nolen is a Soldier of Allah and that his faith inspired his crimes?” demanded Johnson. “The FBI is on the case and, perhaps, we shall see.” The FBI? Oh, Scott, they’re all in on it!

Similarly, Tom Blumer of NewsBusters told us that during the George Zimmerman trial, “the press was widely and deservedly criticized for repeatedly and almost exclusively using a photo of [Trayvon] Martin as an innocent-looking 13-year-old over others more recently taken which were readily available.” Blumer then linked to some ordinary photos of Martin published at The Grio, which must have been a mistake on his part — we suspect he meant to link to these.

Anyway, Blumer clearly found using non-frightening pictures of slain black people to be media malfeasance, and “perhaps they’re at it again with alleged murderer Alton Nolen…The only reason not to use Nolen’s more recent picture would appear to be a desire to shield readers and viewers from what appears to have been primary motivator which drove Nolen to do what he did.”

Melissa Clouthier actually storified her tweeted discussions with other rightbloggers about what she called the “press embargo” on the case: “I’m kind of rooting for them to do the full embargo — because they would be so massively discredited it would destroy them,” said Ace of Spades. “But I imagine they know that,” responded Clouthier, “so they’ll give it very, very light play. Just so they can say ‘We mentioned that.’ ” If only the sheeple would read this Storify! Well, maybe when we win Crusades II there’ll be a giant, scrolling tribute.

Rightbloggers didn’t only blame the media; they also attacked law enforcement officials who downplayed the possibility of a terrorist connection instead of screaming, “JIHAD! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” as procedure dictates.

“The FBI has told local authorities that Yisrael has no connection to ISIS,” scoffed Aaron Goldstein at The American Spectator. “Even if he isn’t connected to them, he surely adopted their tactics. If this can happen in smalltown America then imagine what could happen in the big cities.” Wow, terrorist attacks in the big cities — just imagine!

“Now, the local police are asking the FBI to help investigate Nolen,” said Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at Gulag Bound. “Which will go nowhere I predict. He’s a Muslim and a terrorist. They should check out his ties to ISIS, his mosque, his Imam — his life. But they won’t. They’ll cover it up — just another dead woman, as the bodies keep piling up in America.” No citation with that last sentence, alas.

“No ‘nexus to terrorism’?” Rick Moran of American Thinker answered back an anonymous police official. “How about being inspired by terrorists? Does that count as a terrorist attack?” Maybe we should ask the Writers Guild.

Generally, to the extent that they had anything but slurs and scoldings to offer, rightbloggers’ advice on the matter seemed to be: Get frightened and stay frightened, because Muslims are out to kill you.

“What is it about this activity BEING Islam that we don’t get?” cried Kevin McCullough of TownHall. “The American people KNOW it is Islam. We know Islam teaches these things, and we know that there are millions of radicalized Muslims ready to attack.”

“Sure, he was just fired from his job and angry,” said Keith Koffler at White House Dossier, “but it doesn’t take a genius to see there must be at least some kind of link between what is going on in the Islamic State and this murder in the United States…today’s gruesome murder is a harbinger of more to come.”

“Rational Americans,” said PJ Media‘s Bryan Preston, “will see that and hear the horrible 9-1-1 call and rightly determine that the Obama government is unwilling to see the truth, and is unwilling to protect us.”

“Why U.S. blacks are easy targets for radicalization,” headlined WorldNetDaily‘s Jesse Lee Peterson — who’s black, BTW, so no fair calling him racist, libtards. Peterson started with the usual rap — fatherless black males etc. — then moved on to the menace of “Marxist-influenced teachers” who “encourage their anger toward America by promoting the lie that their country is ‘racist,’ ” and of black churches that “have been co-opted by racist preachers” — a case in point being Bishop T.D. Jakes, who at the funeral of Michael Brown, the kid shot dead by cops in Ferguson, portrayed the young man as “a saint,” when Peterson knew him to be a “thug.” “This lie,” Peterson added, “only encourages the hatred of whites and police among black youth.”

Also, per Peterson, “blacks are also encouraged to remain angry by so-called ‘leaders’ in this administration…If the anger and racism in black America is not exposed and dealt with, we will see more beheadings and bloodshed like we’ve seen in Oklahoma.”

So: Now they’ve not only got Muslims who might be jihadi — they’ve also got black people who might be Muslims who might be jihadi to worry about. And hey, look, “Another One,” announced Debra Heine at — except this Okie only threatened a co-worker with decapitation, which seems a poor way to effect Holy War, since he was swiftly arrested for it. Crazy? Yeah — crazy like a jihadi!

The way they talk about this threat — headchoppers in every woodpile! — we don’t see how these guys can even get out of bed in the morning. Unless they don’t actually believe any of this nonsense and are just hoping to frighten voters enough to regain the terror benefit Republicans used to regularly receive in the early days of the War on Whatchamacallit. But it would be awfully cynical to think so.