Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna’s Appetizer Plate, One of Our 100 Favorite Dishes


Dish no. 21: Appetizer plate from Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna (26-02 23rd Avenue, Queens, 718 -777-5511)

On a quiet residential street of Astoria sits the unassuming Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna, a longtime local hangout where tables line the sidewalk outside. The restaurant serves fresh and eclectic Greek food, including grilled octopus, fried anchovies, and baklava. It is the cold appetizer plate that steals the show, though. The platter comes with taramasalata (a fish roe dip), tirokafteri (cheese spread made with feta), and melitzanosalata (an eggplant salad with garlic), and it’s served with a spicy tzatziki and freshly baked pita. To finish on a high note, grab glass of pine-scented restina wine, and vow to take the train out to this neighborhood more often.

In advance of our 2014 Best of NYC issue, we’re traipsing through the boroughs and divulging our favorite dishes of the year. They’re presented here as a countdown, but we’re listing them in no particular order. Consider this a guide to what’s good to eat in this town right this very second.