Gardens & Villa


With a band name like Gardens & Villa, one would expect a continental sound and a certain level of refinement as the bare minimum. Thankfully the Santa Barbara five-piece has achieved all this and more since 2011 when Secretly Canadian released their self-titled synth-driven pop debut Dunes. The songs are the focus more than anything else, and when paired with producer Tim Goldsworthy (Cut Copy, Hercules & Love Affair),they expertly unite the physical and digital like a reinvigorated Tango in the Night or Phil Collins’ worldly jungle grooves. “Bullet Train” has an eerie fluttering flute solo played by guitarist Chris Lynch, while polar opposite “Colony Glen” channels the cold-wave of Depeche Mode. It’s rare these days to see a band that really knows how to appreciate the beauty of analog, but somehow G&V manages to do this with a galactic fever.

Tue., Oct. 7, 8 p.m., 2014