What Does It Mean to ‘Get Bronx’?


Look, as far as local-newscast trend spots go, this one isn’t completely terrible. News 12 took to the streets to ask Bronx residents what it means to “Get Bronx.” Why? Because it’s the title of a new song by “New York-based hardcore punk band” Sick of It All, of course. The answers run the gamut from “Uhhhh, derrrr” to “Ummmm, hmmmm” with a few more specific guesses thrown in to save the segment from total disaster. Ultimately, News 12 goes straight to the source, and asks SoIA bassist Craig Setari what it means. The answer may surprise you…

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Because it doesn’t really make sense? We hate spoil it for you here. But the video doesn’t embed and is only available to watch for some cable subscribers. So here it is: What “Get Bronx” means, according to Setari, is to … umm, vote? Kinda? Here’s his explanation:

It’s just saying that people need to be active in their own affairs and not just let things slide and never really pay attention to what’s going on around them because then you lose all your say.


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