A Beer for Unemployed Secret Service Agents Is Your Beer of the Week


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Another week, another beer. And I know someone that could definitely use a pint or two right about now: Julia Pierson, the former Secret Service Director who just tendered her resignation after nearly three decades of serving her country.

It must irk Ms. Pierson that she’s likely owed little actual blame for most of the recent scandals plaguing her former department. Solicitation of South American prostitutes? Doesn’t seem like her particular brand of leisure. Nor is it believable that she would have condoned her underlings’ drunken attempts to impress Romney staffers by revealing confidential details of Obama’s 2012 campaign schedule. But being the one in charge when an armed man penetrated White House security, all but taking a nap in the Lincoln Bedroom before being apprehended? The buck — if not the mentally-deranged perpetrator — has got to stop at the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Someone in a (mid-level) position of power had to take the fall for such a colossal blunder. That’s politics. You can’t fight it, Julia. But what you can do is embrace all the unexpected free time that just opened up in your calendar. There’s no better way than with a frosty-cold one. You’re going to need something a bit light and aggressively unfiltered, not unlike the Secret Service vetting process. I’ve got just the one: Hop the Fence IPA, courtesy of Jersey-based Angry Erik Brewing.

This under-heralded American Pale Ale pours into the glass with a hazy, golden glow. You taste the hallmark resin-rich, grapefruit tonalities of a standard West Coast IPA, but with a balancing backbone of malt. It’s super drinkable, and at 7.5 percent ABV, it won’t take more than a couple before you’re compromising national security to score digits from anyone attractive within shouting distance.

Cheers to you, Julia Pierson. Enjoy your early retirement and resign yourself to full flavor. Pull up a stool at your local watering hole and ask the bartender for a beer that incorporates your embarrassing incompetence right into its very label.

Hop the Fence IPA is available on draft at select bars throughout the Garden State.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 3, 2014

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