Here’s a Creepy Actress with an Annabelle Doll at Lincoln Square


Who says there are no jobs left? Here’s an actress with an Annabelle doll in the window at Lincoln Square.

The doll’s actually a replica of the original Annabelle. New York was the last stop on her national tour to drum up excitement for the movie — Annabelle 2.0 has stopped everywhere from Phoenix to Denver to Milwaukee. And she managed to freak out even us tough-as-nails New Yorkers.

“People jumped back, not realizing there was a live human and a doll in the window,” said someone who works at Time Warner, who was there two nights ago. “It was just a fun thing to see people’s reactions.”

Annabelle’s replica has since moved on but you can catch the original in theatres. Our critic calls the film “inelegant” but “occasionally scary.”

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