Inner Demons Produces a Cocktail of Drugs, Demons, and Reality TV


Demonic possession is a common metaphor for drug addiction, one that makes a monkey on the back look tame by comparison. So is it any surprise that in this resurgence of exorcism movies, one finally conflates the two?

What’s most interesting about Inner Demons is its third ingredient: a film crew that stirs up trouble with an intervention-themed reality show. Carson (Lara Vosburgh), once a religious young girl, has fallen deeply into drug use (and goth styles) in her teen years. When she grudgingly goes to rehab, her recovery is undermined, sometimes intentionally, by the presence of the cameras. But for Carson, drugs are literally keeping a demon down, and the only person who believes her is a good-hearted rookie cameraman (Morgan McClellan).

Director Seth Grossman (who actually produced three episodes of A&E’s Intervention) keeps the special effects low-key at first, increasing the effectiveness of the more explicit demonic manifestations. That said, the demon even corrupts video recordings.

The performances are solid, but to type — troubled girl, caring guy, jaded TV pros, etc. — making a great deal of the proceedings credible (particularly when spiked with knowing winks at the manipulations of reality TV), but not terribly surprising. Satanism aside, Carson is being prepared for human sacrifice on the altars in our living rooms.