The Bug


As the stoic force behind God, Techno Animal, King Midas Sound, and the Bug, Kevin Martin has made a career out of fracturing clichés of dub, dancehall, dubstep, and more without sacrificing global legibility. His 2008 LP as the Bug, London Zoo, is a masterpiece of dystopian anger and frustration, with tracks that still easily bring the house down at UK bashments. Martin’s newest release as the Bug, Angels & Devils, is built upon his contradictory impulses for club music versus compositions that slot more easily into everyday life, as well as commenting on the modern fluidity between who or what is actually an angel or a devil in this increasingly opaque world. Concerts from the Bug are famous for Martin’s uncompromising approach to total sonic bombardment – he should be one of the biggest tests yet for Output’s Funktion-One system, aided by his touring MC Manga. The always-unpredictable Actress supports.

Wed., Oct. 8, 10 p.m., 2014