“Wonder Woman Would Hang Out at Saint Vitus”: Comics Creators on NYC Hero Haunts


Making the most of New York Comic Con can be exhausting, and navigating the crowds can be as taxing as fighting Skrulls or thwarting Brainiac. So where in the city do comics heroes unwind or cut loose?

Some of the top creators at NYCC shared their heroes’ favorite New York hangouts.

“Jennifer Walters would hang out in Brooklyn; she wouldn’t want to go too far from her law offices. There’s a relaxing little bar on Smith Street called the Clover Club. Nice, fancy cocktails. I feel like that’s probably her kind of scene.”
— Writer Charles Soule (She-Hulk, Swamp Thing, Letter 44)

Wonder Woman
“Wonder Woman would hang out at Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. It’s a heavy metal bar; if you read our book, she’s a metalhead. It’s a great place to see shows, and it’s got great decorations and great drinks, so I think she’d hang out there. She likes the energy of it. I can’t figure out whether she’s into the GWAR stuff, or the speed metal — she’s probably more into speed metal. There’s something cathartic about it.”
— Artist Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman, Neil Young’s Greendale)

“Where would Superman hang out in New York? Well, if he’s here as Superman, he’d be everywhere. His job is to watch out for people and go wherever trouble calls. If he’s here as Clark Kent, I think he would actually get a big kick out of Central Park. He’s a farm boy. Central Park and Prospect Park — I think he would hang out in those parks a lot, just in his off moments. He’d go there to eat lunch. Clark Kent sitting on a park bench in Prospect Park, eating a turkey sandwich with provolone. And [Lex] Luthor’s on Wall Street, of course. He’s runnin’ the show.”
— Writer Greg Pak (Action Comics, Superman/Batman, Make Comics Like the Pros)

The Shadow
“I don’t know New York as well as I used to, but probably Bemelmans, or the bar at the Stanhope. Because if the Shadow’s around today, he’d be approximately 112 years old, but look really good, and he’d be chasing age-appropriate women in their 50s. And he’s a white, waspish, very Anglo-Saxon male who’d have a problem with ethnic women but like the white girls. I suspect if he’d been around in the 30s and 40s, probably Sardi’s or 21. But again, the Stanhope wouldn’t be a bad choice, either.”
–Writer/Artist Howard Chaykin (The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow, Satellite Sam)

“He likes bars. He really likes taverns and wenching. Hogs and Heifers, the biker bar in the Meatpacking District famous for stapling bras to the ceiling, I bet he would like that. And if he doesn’t, across the street, there’s this amazing, huge beer garden, that’s basically for ritzy rich people. So I’d have Conan go in there and have someone step on his foot or dump a beer on his head, and just have him go all Cimmerian on ’em.”
–Writer Fred Van Lente (Conan the Avenger, The Comic Book History of Comics, Make Comics Like the Pros)

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2014


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