Shia LaBeouf Was Trying to Drunkenly Feed a Lady Strawberries During his Cabaret Arrest


Back in June, actor, performance artist, and increasingly stark cautionary tale Shia LaBeouf went to take in a Broadway show, making it through at least several minutes of Cabaret at Studio 54 before he was arrested for smoking, yelling, and butt-slapping . Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, we got to hear LaBeouf’s version of the incident, which involves rivers of whiskey, at least three different accents, and, according to the actor, a partially successful attempt to woo the middle-aged ladies at the next table before he was taken into custody.

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Here’s the video:

In LaBeouf’s own words, then, the night began with his chasing a homeless man who “didn’t want nothing to do with me” before fate sent him crashing through the doors of Studio 54 and into the sentence, “So I start takin’ fruit off the fruit plate and I’m feedin’ this other woman who looks about 50, 60 or so, I’m feedin’ this woman strawberries, and I forget I’m even in the show anymore.”

LaBeouf took a plea deal back in September for the incident, copping to one count of disorderly conduct and agreeing to continue treatment for what his publicist characterized to the press as alcohol addiction. It’s funny right up until the point when it’s not.