The food competition now known simply as The Takedown was created by Matt Timms in 2003, and is entering its 11th year of existence. The Brooklyn Bacon Takedown is just one of many events that will take place all around the country as chefs face off in a live cooking competition akin to Chopped or something of that ilk. Today’s very Brooklyn, very bacon-y competition will go on for two hours — or until all the bacon has been properly taken down. Each chef will be given 15 pounds of Hormel Black Label bacon and will attempt to concoct something so delicious that it will impress even the most blasé bacon-eaters in all of Brooklyn. Timms, who hosts the event, believes in hyperbole and enthusiasm, so expect a lot of laughs and a laid-back foodie vibe.

Sat., Oct. 18, 2 p.m., 2014