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Best 3 a.m. Bar


If you are brave enough to stay out until 3 a.m., you require some essential elements to your night: strong drinks, good music, and a crowd as intrepid as you are. Luckily, the LES’s Sweet & Vicious has you covered for all of the above. With one of its signature — and intense! — jargaritas (margaritas in mason jars) in hand, this hotspot is the perfect place to socialize or dance your night away. Over the weekend, DJ B spins a mix of reggae, r&b, and hip-hop, both new- and old-school, that only gets more exciting and turnt-up, if you will, over the course of the night. At SnV, 3 a.m. doesn’t feel like last call is about to come; it feels as if your night has just begun.

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