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Unless you live in Queens, neither of New York City’s two aerial entry points is all that appealing. JFK and LaGuardia, neither of which is known for its comfort or amenities (unless you’re fortunate enough to be flying JetBlue out of its newish JFK terminal), will also cost you north of $30 in cab fare both to and from. So we’re thankful Newark Liberty International Airport exists. EWR is modern and spacious, and accommodates just about every carrier in the sky. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that you can get there from Penn Station for the price of a New Jersey Transit ticket. If you work in Manhattan and are flying in the evening, you can be at your gate in 30 minutes for a little more than 10 bucks. (Don’t take Amtrak. Costs way more.) It’s enough to make you forget that you have to hang out in Newark for an hour before your vacation begins.

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