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Best AM Radio Personality


Geraldo Rivera is his own worst enemy. The images of him having his nose broken by a flying chair thrown by a skinhead on his long-gone-but-forever-cheesy daytime talk show or leading us on a wild goose chase into Al Capone’s empty vault are indelibly imprinted on our brains. His dippy laugh. His dopey mustache. The man’s past missteps are more famous than his modern ideas. And that’s a shame. Because (are you sitting?) Geraldo Rivera actually has something to say. The guy understands the issues of the day and has enough confidence in his opinions to call bullshit on blowhards like Bill O’Reilly, which he often does on that toad’s own show with style and red-faced grace. Geraldo can be heard weekdays from 10 till noon on WABC (770 AM), showcasing his surprisingly lucid and nuanced takes on these modern times. We know. Shocks us too.

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