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For some, the joy of an antique shop is the hunt: ducking under towers of wobbly tables, rummaging for hours through drawers filled with grime-coated doodads and whatsits in order to find that single, shimmering thingamajig. Furnish Green is for the rest of us. Inside its bright, uncluttered, and high-ceilinged showroom near Herald Square, you might encounter a teak Danish Modern Champagne bucket or a pair of binoculars in a velvet-lined carrying case that look like they came straight out of Moonrise Kingdom. Oh, and typewriters. Many, many typewriters (we spied a Royal, a Remington, an Alder, and a pair of Olympias on a recent visit). The best thing about Furnish Green is that every item feels like it already possesses the shimmer of a special doohickey — this place is all killer, no filler, if you will. If everything also seems downright pristine, it’s for good reason: Each piece gets a deep cleaning upon arrival, whether that means a high-heat dry vapor steamer or just water, vinegar, and elbow grease.

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