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Enter G.U.L.F., or Global Ultra Luxury Faction. An umbrella activist group made up of the organizations Gulf Labor and Occupy Museums, plus a few savvy New York University students, this collective of advocates and hacktivists has orchestrated successful guerrilla protests aimed at the feckless institution that is the global Guggenheim. In March, for instance, G.U.L.F. made it rain fake dollar bills inside the Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda. What are they protesting? Among other issues, the indentured servitude of thousands of South Asian workers beavering away on the museum’s newest franchise: the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. But G.U.L.F. is not merely challenging the museum’s alleged boondoggle (or the Louvre Abu Dhabi or NYU’s presence in the Emirates). What the activist organization opposes is the hijacking of art and culture by the global real estate and financial biz.

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