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Just across the Hudson, and accessed from Manhattan by a $4 shuttle bus that leaves from Gate 51 at the Port Authority, lies Mitsuwa Marketplace, a shopping center devoted entirely to goodies from Japan. It’s a nostalgia trip for anyone who has been to the island nation — and a dizzying journey for anyone who hasn’t. The supermarket — which has its own adorable, winking mascot — hawks hard-to-find items like konnyaku (a gray-colored starch) and mentaiko (spicy cod roe), along with a rainbow of sashimi-grade fish, high-quality meat for shabu-shabu, and more varieties of tofu than you likely imagined possible. Former residents and visitors will be delighted to find a range of whimsical Japanese sweets here — chocolate-filled panda cookies, anyone? — that are a challenge to locate elsewhere in the States. And the food stalls, offering ramen, katsu, udon, and sushi, will help fuel your search for the perfect ponzu sauce.

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