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Best Bar for a Glass of Champagne at Intermission


Nobody wants to be caught on LastNightAtTheMet’s Tumblr holding a plastic cup of house bubbly at intermission. Lucky for you, it takes time to wrangle that horse for Falstaff‘s third act, enough to peel down the opera house’s red velvet steps, twirl past the Revlon fountain (channeling your best Bill Murray–in-Ghostbusters), and go from front row to SRO at Épicerie Boulud. Glide through the French grocery’s open-air façade and plant yourself at the white-marble wine bar for 15 wines by the glass or bottle (including a rosé on tap), selected by the Boulud empire’s Upper West sommelier, Michael Madrigale. If you’re craving some decadence to pair with your pour, snack on hummus or Iberico ham with olives until you see the chandeliers flicker across the street.