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Best Bar Trivia


Before Jeff and Heather Rush opened Pine Box Rock Shop, they spent seven years running a trivia night at another bar, where they mastered the art of writing questions (not too obscure and not too general, says Heather) and theming rounds. They now apply those lessons at their own joint, where teams assemble each Wednesday to joust over history, current events, and science before they name tunes and partake in some sort of visual contest — identify the flower, perhaps, or guess the movie title from the emoji. The Rushes host about half the nights, and they’ve agreed to let former champion teams curate the others. What you won’t find, ever, is a trivia company manning the microphone, which makes the questions here unique. There’s also no buy-in required, so the top prize is a bar tab. Team’s no good? Console yourself by winning an individual lightning round, which earns you a free shot.