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Yes, hipsters have invaded the Rockaways, and most weekends during the summer they’re arriving literally by the busload. But there’s something about the perfect sand dunes, the walkable (and fishable!) beach, the maritime forest, and the art that keeps us coming back to Fort Tilden anyway. It’s still secluded enough that you won’t find Jones Beach–level crowds, and we’ll gladly take hipsters over the snobbish moneyed crowds of Montauk or the dead-in-traffic commute to every Jersey Shore town. And you can ride your bike to Fort Tilden, so…bonus. Once you arrive, you’ll find lots of tattoos and topless, PBR-swilling shenanigans, but they’re easy enough to ignore, what with everything else Fort Tilden has to offer. The art we mentioned is the work of the nonprofit Rockaway Artists Alliance (, which has taken over parts of the former fort for which this stretch of the Rockaway Peninsula is named, to offer classes, exhibitions, and performances. Experience that, and the natural splendor of the place, and chill.

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