Best Of

Best Beer and a Shot


Last time we went to Milano’s Bar, a giant St. Bernard was sitting right in front of the door, blocking the entrance. There was no way around the beast but to step over it, which took a bit of courage. Once past him, the bartender inside yelled, “You passed the test! What’ll you have?” That was the easy part: A shot of whiskey and a can of Rolling Rock will cost you a tiny $7. The second test is usually finding a seat or eking past the shotgun bar (the barrel of which is the narrowest you’ll likely ever experience). You will rub up against someone, so conversation with strangers is unavoidable. That turns out to be a good thing; this place is filled with a diverse group of dive regulars, business types looking to tie one on before heading home, and students from nearby campuses. The jukebox is open to all and run off the internet, so there can be a few duds, but most of what you hear will likely put a smile on your face — especially after a few more $7 specials.