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Your relationship with your neighborhood bike shop is one forged over time, cultivated only after you begin to trust that you’re getting good advice on your purchases and not being taken for a ride — save, perhaps, for maybe a test spin on a cycle you’re eyeing. It’s easy to build that foundation quickly at Gotham Bikes, part of the nearly 50-year-old (that’s not a typo) Toga family of bike shops. The store puts its best foot forward on your first visit, earnestly answering questions and gauging your needs without pushing a sale. If you’re searching for a bike among overpriced Manhattan merchandise, this place is a godsend. A thorough education on brands and components? No problem. An assessment of a Craigslist find or a brand the shop doesn’t carry? Absolutely. A test ride on a bike you ultimately don’t buy? They’ll keep looking. And once you’ve settled on a trusty steed, maintenance is easy — Gotham works hard to outfit you, fit you, upgrade your gear, or change your tires, taking into account your budget and riding predilections, be they leisurely, fixie-focused, or pro peloton.