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Best Black-and-White Cookie


Located in a neighborhood that was once known as German Town, Glaser’s Bake Shop has been making some of the finest baked goods in the city for over 112 years. This throwback to a different decade still holds on to its original tile flooring and wooden cases, and there’s not a single computer in sight. Instead, you’ll find the same smiling employees handing out copious amounts of samples and recommendations to the dozens of daily regulars who frequent the shop. Glaser’s makes everything from danishes to babka to brownies to homemade challah, but it’s best known for its signature black-and-white cookies. Baked almost daily, the “cookies” are actually “cake batter that’s been thickened with flour,” says head baker and third-generation co-owner (with his brother, John) Herb Glaser Jr. That gives the cookies a distinctive texture not found elsewhere, even after 112 years.