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Your first impression upon entering Bradelis, a quaint bra boutique in the Flatiron, might be: Wow, my own private boudoir! Your second thought might be: Damn, these bras are expensive! And yes, that is the case; prices range from about $70 to $150. However, once you try one on (with the help of handsy but sweet saleswomen), you’ll feel like a brand-new person, and we’re not exaggerating one bit. You will never go back to your old bra again, and here’s why: These beautifully well-crafted bras, available in various colors and styles, are made to give you the utmost support and to enhance your bra cup size, which helps you with your posture. The revolutionary aspect to these brassières, which holds true regardless of your dimensions, is wider side support, which won’t allow your flesh to, as Bradelis so delicately puts it, “migrate to the underarms, back, and upper abdomen areas.” Put another way: A Bradelis bra puts more of your breast into the bra cup. It’s a simple concept — and a liberating feeling.


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