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Best Cocktail Name


Anyone who has set foot in a Little Wisco establishment and taken a glance at the cocktail list has probably ascertained that the bartenders here have a lot of fun making drinks. Beverage director Brian Bartels leans on a handful of experiences to inform his libation labels, whether it’s a conversation — “I’ll Show You Waves From the Front Yard” was taken verbatim from a friendly San Francisco–dwelling surfer — or a personal preference — Bartels created the “Chicago Buck Magic” over Derby weekend because he and his crew are underdog advocates. Frequently, the team turn to tunes for inspiration, as with the “Mmmmm…It Does Go Well With the Chicken,” a nod to the Beastie Boys’ “The Blue Nun.” The track samples audio from a dinner party at the townhouse of wine merchant Peter Sichel, whose guest’s conclusive words about the food-and-drink pairing landed a spot on the Fedora cocktail list. But it’s more than melody: The pickled-cucumber water found in this Greenhook Gin–based concoction is also a fundamental ingredient in the restaurant’s Krispie Fried Chicken recipe.


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