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Best Comedy Open Mic


Ashley Bez and Christy Coffey run the Coffey/Bez open mic every Thursday at Revision Lounge in the East Village, and it’s the best experimental shit-show in town. Each performer gets a tight time window to tell his or her jokes, which is great, because if they suck, they’ll be offstage before you know it. And the location makes it: a dimly lit back room, curtained off at the back of a bar, decorated like a New Orleans bordello circa 1890. Then, for no reason, the DJ booth is built out to look like the front of a Cadillac. Drop your name in the bucket on the hood, to be pulled out at random. Bez and Coffey call balls and strikes from behind the Caddy, and whip up a crowd (a mix of comics and regular audience) that’s both supportive and attentive. So, want to catch the comedy bug and ruin your life? Here’s the place to get infected.