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There is no shortage of sweet at Spot Dessert Bar, where chef Ian Kittichai offers a menu that showcases sugar in every conceivably consumable way — from tapas and tea cakes to bubble teas and steaming sippers. Most plates bear playfully incorporated Asian components, including Thai tea–infused cream custard for a crème brûlée, or a frozen Japanese citrus cream bar for the Yuzu Eskimo. See, too, the baked, dehydrated, and blended green-tea powder for the Chocolate Forest, a multitextured menagerie of chocolate, cookies-and-cream, and green tea that take on the humble forms of moss, rocks, and forest floor. Kittichai uses earthy colors and imperfectly shaped components to bring the outdoors to diners by way of a chocolate parfait cube covered in the crunchy green-tea powder, which is set atop a mound of cookie crumble and surrounded by cookies-and-cream sandwiches.

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