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Best Dog Park


“Meatball! Meatball! Get the hot dog!” Yes, you’re at the dog park (and Meatball doesn’t understand you). While it’s unclear how the multicolored lawn chairs ended up in Greenpoint’s Msgr. McGolrick Park Dog Run, they do a lot for the DIY character of this community park that’s perfect for watching Meatball not run after that squeaky hot dog. The large dog run gives plenty of room — although it’s not as expansive as the crowded East Village Tompkins Square Park — for your dog to frolic. And if Meatball only weighs about as much as a sweatshirt, there’s a separate mini-run that rarely has more than one dog in it at a time. That’s seems to be because everybody uses the large run, a sign of responsible dog owners: Pit bulls trot with smiling golden retrievers while mutts of all varieties sniff everything in sight. As a bonus, there’s a pet store in sight of the park, if you need to fetch a treat in order to lure Meatball back onto his leash when it’s time to go home.

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