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Best Egg on a Roll


Much has been made of late of the rapid gentrification of Crown Heights, and all one needs is a quick stroll through the neighborhood to see why — especially if you happen upon the area’s first Starbucks. Whether you’re of the belief that this is good, bad, or questionable, one thing can’t be argued: Many of the ‘hood’s new restaurants are top-notch. See Lincoln Station, for example, where you can fulfill your egg-on-a-roll needs with a breakfast sandwich that goes far beyond the old-fashioned bodega variety. Here, you’ll find a perfectly fried over-easy egg resting between warm ciabatta, crisp bacon from a rotating cast of farms, and a touch of tart salsa for an unexpectedly added bit of flavor and moisture. The drippy yolk and sauce combine to push this sandwich into five-napkin territory, but we think you’ll find it’s well worth the mess.

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