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MilkMade becomes from humble beginnings: Founder Diana Hardeman wanted a better pint of ice cream than what was on offer at her local bodega, and she took it upon herself to craft locally sourced treats at home for friends and neighbors, who soon urged her to share her calling. Five years later, she and her team of “milkmaids” deliver a pair of pints to ice cream aficionados across the city via a monthly subscription service. Flavors change with each drop-off (but always use Ronnybrook Farm Dairy and pure organic and vegan cane sugar) and are a reflection of seasonality, hyper-local partnerships, and combinations that Hardeman and her team are digging. Recent creations include Coney Island Crunch, made with Coney Island Brewing Company Mermaid pilsner, Martin’s pretzels, and Spoonable Brooklyn’s salted caramel.

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