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Best French Fries


Squeezed into a rustic second-floor studio space along the nightlife tributary of MacDougal Street, La Frite fries up exemplary Belgian-style potatoes in both thick and shoestring cuts. And while it may not boast the most sauces in town, the various proprietary mayonnaise-, mustard-, and ketchup-based dips they do serve pop with spice, acidity, and palate-coating fat. Downtown rents being what they are, it’s a blessing that chef Adil Fawzi, owner of Upper East Side brasseries Marche du Sud and Bistro 61, offers a combo meal that tacks on a pair of sliders to your spuds for $8. As low-maintenance meals go in this neck of the woods, single-digit price tags rightly command head-turns. That your Hamilton will get you such savory grub is all the sweeter.


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