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Best French Restaurant


Breezy and convivial, Claudette takes its cues from Provence and the eponymous mother-in-law of renowned French chef Reine Sammut, whose recipes inform this West Village respite. Restaurateurs Carlos Suarez and Mark Barak (Bobo, Rosemary’s) tapped Koren Grieveson to execute a menu of Moroccan and Mediterranean-inspired French fare, and her work is delicate yet deeply flavorful. Pieds paquets, a pan full of tripe-wrapped pork-shoulder stew, is deceivingly light, and even hanger steak feels fresh and bright with its shaggy mane of herbs. Rosé flows freely, wines are mercifully priced, and desserts continue the bubbly, carefree theme — dense pistachio cake with lavender honey, citrus cream, and candied orange is a must.