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Antrel Rolle is the kind of guy coaches like to call, simply, “a football player.” As in: “That Antrel Rolle, he’s a football player.” Don’t get it twisted: This is the highest form of praise in the sport. Rolle is not exceptionally fast, exceptionally strong, or exceptionally big. He is not exceptionally athletic in any tangible sense. Yet from his safety position at the rear of the defense, he can control the game. He reads the eyes of quarterbacks, the cuts of running backs, and the routes of receivers. He is a superb tackler. Above all, he seems to take immense joy in the pure physicality of the game. He notched a career-high 98 tackles, 12 pass deflections, and six interceptions last season, earning his third Pro Bowl appearance. For four years he has anchored the Giants’ secondary. And for four years he has not missed a single game. In other words, “he’s a football player.”

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