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The average wait time to see a clerk at New York City’s Marriage Bureau is 34 minutes or so, presumably providing any almost-married couple with a few minutes of mindful meditation to breathe deeply and contemplate their future together. The more spontaneous among us can spend our last single moments shopping at the City Clerk’s Office branch of the NYC CityStore. Here you can procure a $12 Emergency Bow Tie (“for all formal emergencies”), a lace garter ($15), a Fascinator (priced at $29, this “triple threat” consists of a hat, flower, and veil on a headband), even a sterling-silver ring for $24. There are also traditional wedding props (flowers) and traditional tchotchkes (“I Got Married in NYC” mug, $12.50; “Witness” cap, $24). Best of all, there’s usually no line.

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